Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Thank you Linda (Briar Rose gate) and Gail (Art by Gail H. Ragsdale) for nominating me for the Lemonate Award for "Positive Attitude Blogs."
I am supposed to name up to 10 blogs that give me inspiration and to which this award is to be passed onto. After reading Deb's post, I also decided to give this award to everyone who visits my blog. Thank you for your support! Grab the award and pass it on!


Debra Keirce said...

All the blogs I follow have attitude...seriously! I posted it and told everyone to grab it and pass it on! Congrats Akiko!

artbyakiko said...

Deb, I totally agree with you. Will do the same. :)

Art By Erika said...

Well deserved congrats Akiko!

artbyakiko said...

Erika you certainly deserve this award! Come get it!

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